Rooftop Balcony Privacy Screen - Artificial Hedge Panels

This client had a rooftop balcony and wanted to add a little more privacy. They chose an Artificial Green Wall to upgrade the look and feel of their space.

The variety with artificial plants is very wide. It's odd to think that you’ll have more options if you opt for artificial plants but that really is the case. It’s not just that there is a really wide range to choose from but also that you’re much less likely to be restricted by your environment if you don’t choose real.

Green walls are popping up everywhere. From home interiors that need an aesthetic lift to business spaces - indoors and out - where a pop of colour can make all the difference, the green wall is increasingly being recognised as a big asset. Green walls come in many different options, especially when it comes to size and design as well as whether the foliage is artificial or real.

Houzz offers a great place to get ideas on faux plant walls. 

UpScapers has many faux greening pins on Pinterest to help with inspiration.

This is a green wall guide from our friends at