Statement Entry Way - Office Complex Living Wall Planter

What better way for this company at the top of their industry to make a great first impression upon arriving staff and clients than to welcome them with a Vistafolia wall in reception.

The business park decided to proceed with our products for several reasons. Our team were able to show them exactly how the system worked, as well as showing them all the different customization options available. Another important factor was the best-in-class fire classification held by the product. Our Bs1d0 rating is designed to meet even the strictest of building control standards and leaves every customer with complete peace of mind. After all, no one should ever have to compromise on safety.

There are considerable limitations that come with a live green wall – or any live plants for that matter. With a fire rated artificial green wall there are many more options no matter where you want to place it. Perhaps you want to bring a splash of green to a reception area that is often draughty in winter due to the doors opening and closing – or a conference room that gets hot in summer – neither is a problem when you opt for an living wall garden. Plus, the plants used in the wall look so realistic that you can take the credit for beautiful foliage without anyone ever knowing the difference.

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