AirBnB Creates Unique Experience with Green Wall Panels

Artificial Green Wall Panels Transform This Getaway Spot

In recent years, green wall privacy screening has transformed the way that accommodation can be arranged - and so, we were delighted to be asked to transform a beautiful apartment into an idyllic beauty spot in the Atlantic.

Artificial plants always look good. If you want to be able to enjoy the colour and vibrancy of your plant all year round then choosing artificial makes a lot of sense. Real plants can be great in season but outside of that maybe lackluster and uninspiring – and may not flower at all. You won’t have this problem with artificial plants, which will always look great. There are many customizable green wall options to support every project.

The owner of this Airbnb property had been successfully renting the apartment to travelers but felt that the wood and stone interior had a slightly cold and unfriendly feel. On visiting the apartment, the team decided to work with the earthy wood and stone interior to create a rustic and warm environment. This beautiful green wall was the perfect addition!

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Houzz offers a great place to get ideas on fake green walls. 

UpScapers has many faux greening pins on Pinterest to help with inspiration.

This is a green wall guide from our friends at