Green Wall Case Studies

Green Wall Case Studies with VistaFolia Plant Panels


The dull, gray exterior of this high-end multi-family housing development in Washington, DC was transformed to a gorgeous central feature with biophilic design and accompanying art. 

Stamford, CT - Multifamily Entrance

This high-end multi-family housing development in Stamford, CT was transformed with Vistafolia's artificial greenery. UpScapers installed this gorgeous multi-story green wall feature that serves to invitingly welcome residents and guests.  


UpScapers, a replica green wall design, and installation company installed this breathtaking faux plant wall in Beverly Hills, CA. This is a residential installation where a fake(faux) green wall was desired as the wall was already built and no plumbing was nearby to keep a living wall alive.


This fitness chain transformed its rooftop into an oasis with the help of Vistafolia. This wall has already sustained 167-degree record temperatures as well as multiple freeze-thaw situations. Artificial living walls are a great way to create a seamless, biophilic design in your space.

Washington D.C. - Georgetown University

Modernizing Workspace: Georgetown is applying an innovative design concept, currently utilized across cutting-edge industries and peer institutions, to the renovation of administrative workspace. 

San Diego, CA - Hidden Craft Restaurant & Brewery

JG Color ( incorporated a Vistafolia wall into their breathtaking interior design of Hidden Craft restaurant in downtown San Diego, CA. Vistafolia was the necessary greening element needed to round out the space to bring a touch of nature to this concrete jungle dining establishment.

BROOKLYN, NY - Commercial Office Building Artificial Green Wall and Millwork Design

This fun interior office building green wall design used the Vistafolia artificial green wall panel system with installation by UpScapers in Brooklyn, New York. UpScapers is experienced in versatile installations utilizing millwork and other materials to design your green wall to meet your needs! 

Scottsdale, Az - Theater Courtyard

The hospitality industry is getting more and more comfortable with high-quality replica green wall installations. The Vistafolia green wall system and customizing Forest Flame color box beautifully designed this theatre's courtyard green wall feature to match its red theme. 

San Diego, Ca - Mobile Artificial Plant Hedges - Rooftop Bar

This bayside rooftop speakeasy in downtown San Diego, CA needed a windbreak to keep customers comfortable, along with some greening to keep a pleasing aesthetic. Greening is known to create an environment that invites guests to stay longer in restaurants and bars, and UpScapers is here to help!

Chicago, IL - Millennium Multifamily

The exceptional quality of the components that we use ensures that you’ll get the natural feel and the vibrancy that you would from real plants but without the need to water, feed, tend to and replace. Perfect for interior and exterior installations of all size and scale. 


Another fabulous, color-customized installation at an amazing restaurant, Nina May in Washington DC. This open-air patio is greener than ever with the inclusion of Vistafolia and the food is so fresh. Vistafolia was an easy choice over faux ivy walls for Nina May as it provides for amazingly realistic artificial plants as well as a truly unique green wall design using color boxes. 


UpScapers artificial green wall installations like this feature at the Monsaraz Hotel in San Diego, CA, provide hotel guests and onlookers with a welcoming sense of nature with a gorgeous aesthetic. Our artificial plants can be used anywhere in your hotel and will have an immediate, positive impact on hotel goers who pass by. 

Nashville, Tn - Family Style Restaurant Exterior Green Walls

UpScapers installed a wall at this new, family-style restaurant at Opry Mills Outlet Mall in Nashville, Tennessee. UpScapers worked with Paula Deen's requested design to green the exterior walls in four separate areas. Using Vistafolia green wall panels provided the perfect green wall backdrop for this destination eatery!

lehi, UT - office space lobby Greening Feature and Millwork

Stack Real Estate TSTAT One in Lehi, Utah chose VistaFolia (previously VistaGreen) artificial green wall panels for their downstairs lobby area. The unique, patent-pending green wall panel system provided the perfect strip of green wall to compliment the existing millwork. 

Pompano beach, fl - beachcomber hospitality feature wall

An artificial plant wall from Vistafolia is perfect for commercial areas and offices as well as homes or social spaces because of its ability to provide a distinctive swathe of ultra-natural-looking greenery wherever it goes. Our versatile system allows for easy & seamless incorporation of your chosen signage.

San Francisco, CA - Made renovation

An artificial green wall is a great way to upgrade any space, and was the perfect backdrop for Made Renovation's entrance in San Francisco, CA. UpScapers with Vistafolia offers zero-maintenance green walls that look great and last a long time thanks to great engineering. Vistafolia is UV stabilized and fire rated with testing certificates. 

Alpharetta, GA - Avalon Shops, Restaurants & More

Avalon in Alpharetta, GA offers a family-friendly atmosphere.  They chose Vistafolia to replace a live wall that they couldn't keep alive given the light and weather conditions of the location. UpScapers artificial green wall installations are the perfect solution for areas where live plants just can't survive. 

New York, NY - Corporate Office Green Wall with Signage

Office spaces across the United States are increasingly using Vistafolia (previously VistaGreen) with installation by UpScapers to provide a biophilic design element that increases the productivity, atmosphere, and well being of the people inside these workspaces. Our panels can be cut to the required size, shape, and dimension to beautifully compliment your logo/signage!


A chic rooftop bar in Huntsville Alabama needed to create a rooftop atmosphere akin to the quality of their amazing libations.Vistafolia (previously VistaGreen) was stringently tested to ISO 9001 standards and was the only solution to meet 

Las Vegas, NV Summerhouse Tan

Summerhouse Tan in Las Vegas, NV wanted a green wall for their tan spa but didn't have the budget, or time to hassle with irrigation, lighting, and the maintenance associated with a traditional green wall.

Virginia Beach, VA - Sentara Healthcare, Hospital Green Wall

Sentara Healthcare is a not-for-profit health system serving Virginia and North Carolina, with 12 hospitals, outpatient care centers, imaging centers, and more.

San Francisco Ca - Corporate headquarters logo wall

Calm - The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep wanted to incorporate the benefits of biophilic design into their corporate offices without the need for expensive plumbing and lighting. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Residential Staircase Greenwall

The entryway of this stunning home in Puerto Rico didn't match the lush tropical atmosphere outside the home. The stairway presented an additional challenge to decorate. 


Branding your business has never made your location more fashionable. This upscapers wall was the perfect addition to this retail store in West Hollywood, CA. Our Faux Greenery instantly spruced up their store entrance.


These Florida homeowners love green walls but don't love the maintenance. They reached out to UpScapers to help them upgrade their landscape. Creating gorgeous and relaxing wallscapes used to be incredibly expensive to create and maintain, but now with VistaFolia they are affordable and long-lasting.


Vistafolia artificial living wall privacy screening is the perfect product to act as an attractive, low-maintenance screening solution. These highly versatile panels can be mounted onto virtually any existing surface, or frame structure.

Seattle, WA - Lifebridge Multifamily Interior Artificial Green Walls

Texture Boxes are an amazing way to add depth to any Vistafolia Installation or Potted Fauxliage planter. This client added texture to create instant luxury in their space. 

Austin, TX - Torres Student Housing

Many commercial businesses choose to add an artificial greenery feature in their space. We have several options for customizing a green wall to fit your needs.


If you’re not ready to commit to years of maintenance then artificial plants are the obvious choice. UpScapers created a beautifully realistic green wall to enhance the space.

Philadelphia, PA - 130 Monument multifamily

If you're looking for a way to brighten your office space, we have the perfect solution! Artificial plants can be used as a way to add color and life to any room. We offer artificial plant walls that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

pittsburgh, pa - ollie multifamily living

Artificial plants are perfect for those who want to avoid the maintenance that comes with real houseplants. Artificial plants keep up well in pretty much any conditions!

Philadelphia, PA - The Atlantic Multifamily

This Multifamily complex wanted to upgrade their hallway space with some greenery. They chose our Artificial Green Walls for a maintenance-free, long-lasting option.

Virginia beach, va - marriott hotel hospitality wall

This client wanted an eye-catching feature for customers driving by. UpScapers came in to install this huge realistic-looking, no-maintenance faux green wall.

stuart, fl - marriott hotel hospitality wall

The Marriott on Hutchinson Island, Florida wanted a green wall solution for their interior hotel courtyard. Massive amounts of concrete created a cold environment that hanging wall art could only partially break up an divide to soften the structure on visitor's eyes


Artificial green walls are a new trend in interior design. They provide an attractive and unique style to any space, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to investing in one of these features for your home or business. What you may not know is that artificial plants need just as much care and maintenance as their real counterparts!

San Francisco, CA - Yoga Studio Logo Feature

Artificial green walls are a great way to add vibrancy and life into any office space, but you need high-quality suppliers who will provide seamless designs with vibrant colors so that the design isn't noticed from afar.

beckley, WV - MedSpa Greening

Do you love the look of a green wall but don't have enough space for one? Our faux green walls are designed to be cut to the size you need and can be placed anywhere! They're made from high-quality materials that will never need watering or pruning so it's low maintenance too!

Phoenix, AZ - Sky dispensaries

Artificial plants add natural color to your space. With so many varieties available, you will never have trouble finding one that matches your style and personality. Whether they are on a porch or inside the house, artificial plants can provide an inviting look for any home decor!

Austin, TX - The Quincy Apartment Complex

Here our Green Wall Interior feature is found at a multifamily luxury apartment complex in Austin, TX. As you can see, the green wall adds so much life to the drab concrete.

San Diego, CA - Hanover Little Italy

Luxury apartments deserve luxury greenery! Hanover Little Italy found in San Diego, CA is in the process of upgrading their rooftop experience. They chose to use our artificial outdoor plants to liven the view!

Manhattan Beach, CA - Residential Staircase

This residential staircase went from drab to fab with our fake indoor greenery. Our faux foliage holds intricate design and texture to be ultra-realistic. 

Orlando, Fl. - Residential Cabana Green Wall

This stunning outdoor pool cabana and pizza kitchen in a residence in Orlando, Fl. went from stark white & cold to luxurious tropical green with the help of Vistafolia artificial vertical garden panels installed with precision by UpScapers. 

A Three-Part Artificial Green Wall System


Vistafolia Brochure_Page_09_Image_0003

3 Uniquely Planted Panels Per Box

16 plant varieties make up 72 plants per panel
Each box of VistaFolia by VistaGreen Artificial Living Wall Panels includes: Three Signature Panels Marked A, B, and C with a different foliage arrangement per green wall panel.
Vistafolia Brochure_Page_08_Image_0003

Artificial Green Wall Panel Hardware

easy drill and hang design
These green wall panel anchors are called fixings and are typically needed per artificial living wall panel. Depending on the size of your green  wall project, you can purchase by the fixing or box. 
Vistafolia Brochure_Page_12_Image_0008

Finishing Foliage

intricately designed from stem to tip
Finish and Blend with Color Boxes. The bouquet of individual plants inside of each color box are hand placed in your secured VistaFolia Panels to create a customized, seamless, garden wall enhanced by your personal style and
design’s eye.

Report: The Impact of Artificial and Real Plants on User Experience. 

Conclusion: Artificial plants can be recommended as a low-cost and low-risk addition to  areas with the goal of improving  outcomes and satisfaction with user experiences.


Five Year Warranty - 15 Year Life Expectancy

Frequent Commercial Uses

  • Multi-Family Living Design
  • Property Management Refurbishment
  • Hospitality & Events
  • Healthcare - Wellness & Recovery
  • Retail - Stress Release & Comfort
  • Grocery - Pest Free, Zero Irrigation Greening
  • Corporate Office Design, Biophilic Design Benefits.

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There are cheaper fake green wall options sold at popular chain stores like wayfair. com or HomeDepot, which can cost as low as $15. If you’re looking for a temporary feature, or don’t mind if your green wall looks noticeably like a fake grass wall, these can be the right choice for you.