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This course will describe the Replica Green Wall trend, that is the use of biomimicry in artificial plants in interior and exterior green wall systems. The trend toward biomimicry is driven by low cost, low maintenance, very high quality plant substitutes, and no water, light, power or HVAC resource requirements. Yet, Replica installations provide the same aesthetic and evoke the same desirable biophilic responses as live plants.

how this greenwall system works

The VistaFolia by VistaGreen green wall  system consists of three panels and three parts. A pane, the hardware to attach it to the wall and a separate box of finishing foliage, sometimes called a color box, to blend any horizontal lines, fill gaps from cutting, and personalize each green wall with a color burst specific to the user's taste. Each UV Protected or VistaFolia UV/Fire-Rated artificial living wall panel pack comes with three panels (A, B and C, each uniquely planted with 72 plants and up to 16 different species)  that combine for a seamless effect. 

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Green Wall Panel Plans and Layout Help

We're here for any help you need laying out VistaFolia by VistaGreen replica or fake green wall panels into your drawings to help you determine the most efficient way to construct your green wall. Just share a few project details and we'll turn around a custom VistaFolia Panel Plan in no time.