Kitchen Design with Artificial Greenery

Artificial Greenery, Safest, Cleanest Option for Kitchen Design

Adding a natural element to your kitchen is easy, cost-effective, safe, and clean with a Vistafolia artificial plant wall.

Vistafolia fake plant wall panels are engineered to last and offer a realistic look without the hassle. From faux plant wall coverings and other artificial plant wall decor options with color boxes, UpScapers and Vistafolia have the premium selection of fake greenery for you.

Our artificial faux greenery wall sets the tone for your kitchen. Choose between formal and color box varieties to enhance your fake plant wall and make a statement. Go the Mediterranean with a fake grass wall, or tropical with a lush green wall fake plant wall decor as an accent, or even evoke the seasons with a spring pink addition to your artificial plant wall.  From fake green walls that cover just 7 sq. ft. to unlimited heights and widths for your faux plant wall, Vistafolia is an extremely versatile artificial vertical garden solution. There are no limits to the creative spirit. Build your “library” of mood-setting greenery with our artificial green wall manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

Artificial plant wall quality indicators:

  • UV Protection and Testing - Be sure to check the actual testing certificate and hours of UV protection and amount of fire rating offered by your faux greenery.  Quality labs are essential like labsphere. 
  • 5-Year-Manufacturer Warranty - Make sure your manufacturing company gives an actual certificate for your panels. Be sure there is a way to tell which lot your fake plant wall decor came from in case there is an issue down the road. Wayfair for example does not offer one. 
  • Unmatched realism - How are the plants for your artificial wall decor designed. Did a real horticulturist design them or are they just copy-cat plants? Architectural digest lists some of their favorite faux varieties. 
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