Why Fake Plants Are All The Rage

Fake Plant Wall Design Considerations

Artificial plants have been a staple in the work space for years now. But, we're seeing this trend move to other areas of home decorating too! Have you ever seen someone put an artificial plant on their coffee table or near their entryway? It's great because they don't need any care and can still add some life into your living room with a green wall backdrop!

When planning your next artificial plant wall, you'll need to decide which wall is best for the vertical garden and what kind of look it will create. If you like an environment where plants stand out sharply from white walls, then Vistafolia faux greenery would be perfect on a grid style design. 

With artificial plants, you get the chance to explore your green thumb skills with a few different layouts. If you're going for an eclectic vibe in any particular room of your house, try placing one plant wall on each side or corner and then adding more plants as needed! Even a fake grass wall could be a great option.

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The advantage of an artificial plant wall

Fake green walls have become increasingly popular throughout the United States for many reasons. For one, they are a more economical option than real plants; however their benefits do not stop there! Not only is having and maintaining an entire wall of foliage easier and less expensive with fake greenery, but it also has other perks like getting to customize your design as you wish (you can even opt out of certain colors if you don't want them). Save water by opting for artificial vegetation - no need to worry about overwatering or under watering either because this plant wallpaper stays perfect all year long without any maintenance whatsoever.

Etsy is a great place to get faux greenery that people have worked with by hand. Check out their fake plant wall section.

We have a page on Etsy too! Our artificial plant wall decor page on Etsy.

Pinterest is a great place to get faux plant wall design ideas. 

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If you're on a budget, Ikea is always a great place to find deals on faux greenery, just keep in mind they are for indoor use only and would only work as little accents, not a whole wall.


Our A, B & C panels form the unique three panel system. The foliage has been arranged differently for each individual panel so that they interlock with ease, ensuring there are no crossing lines or repeated patterns allowing a seamless and naturalistic plant coverage effect.