Relaxing Oasis on Rooftop with Artificial Plant Wall Decor

The Gold-Standard in Artificial Plant Walls

Backed by a five year manufacturer warranty

When considering faux greenery for your indoor or outdoor space remember quality matters.

A Vistafolia wall promises:

  • UV Protection - Freeze, Thaw Stable
  • Plants look ultra-realistic and suit any climate and grow zone
  • Easily installs onto any surface with zero maintenance or water needs. 

A rooftop is just a combination of brick, concrete, and steel, so adding a luxury pallet of faux greenery wall foliage will soften the edge and transform the rough chimney stack into an eye-catching rooftop faux greenery garden feature. In the concrete jungle, you feel under stress and trying to find space to breathe in and take delight in a nice view, office courtyards, parks sometimes offer a nice relief from city living, but it isn’t home.

However, if you are lucky to have your very own fake plant wall you can make an amazing space. Vistafolia fake plant wall decor turns drab concrete and brick into either a fake grass wall worth looking at or a fake green wall you would love to entertain friends around. The artificial greenery in a Vistafolia faux plant wall is the gold-standard in artificial vertical gardens. Vistafolia has spared no expense in creating the most true-to-life, a dense, lush, all-weather artificial green wall on the market. Vistafolia comes with 16 species of plants and 72 plants per panel as well as an unprecedented five-year warranty. There are lower cost fake plant wall panels available on websites like Wayfair, Etsy, Target, and The Home Depot, but these artificial plant walls will never come close to the quality, design, and realism of the patent-pending Vistafolia artificial plant wall, panel system. 

VistaFolia Faux Vertical Garden - Cruise ship Design (2)
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