Custom Wall with Hybrid Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial green wall plants are quirky and unique pieces of décor that breathe life into a vast array of spaces. Whether you’re looking for a stylish artificial greenery wall or a mini garden that requires no maintenance, our artificial vertical garden walls are perfect for you!  A vast array of images appears if you search for an artificial vertical garden on google images. What interests you?

Our signature artificial living walls are ideal for various settings, both indoor and outdoor. We manufacture all of our own artificial plant wall coverings, so they can be customized according to your target markets’ needs and tastes. All of our artificial plant wall coverings are manufactured in Vistafolia's own factory to ISO 9001 exacting standards. See our projects for green wall panels on

If you have a certain aesthetic or color scheme that you’re working to achieve =, then our bespoke color boxes are the best way for you to enjoy these artificial vertical garden plants. If you would like a customized artificial green wall plant panel, simply check out our projects to see if there's anything close to your desired outcome. 

Hybrid Green Wall with Real Plants and Fake Plant Wall Panels

A Faux Plant Wall Covering was used in addition to living foliage.

At UpScapers, we really do appreciate the value that living green walls add. They look fantastic and make a welcome addition to any space. Nonetheless, we are also acutely aware that real walls pose their own problems. They can be hefty, require excessive maintenance, and no matter how much time and energy you put into them, they will perish at a given point. Every single artificial plant wall decor item Vistafolia designs is carefully perfected over a long, arduous process to ensure that our faux greenery walls fit in with real foliage or stand out with ultra-realism on their own. 

The Vistafolia faux greenery system uses separately planted a, b, and c panels that work seamlessly together to create one, cohesive fake plant wall. You should never know the gorgeous living wall you are looking at is actually fake plant wall decor because of the seven years Paul Alder has spent perfecting the joining lines and foliage varieties of his artificial plant walls. There are fake grass wall options as well as traditional fake green walls. 

There are 16 varieties of plants and 72 plants hand-tied to each faux plant wall panel. These different types of artificial greenery foliage are all designed from stem to tip at the Vistafolia R&D laboratory in London. The Vistafolia artificial vertical garden system is manufactured to the highest standards and is truly the gold-standard in artificial green walls.

Quality Indicators in Artificial Plant Walls:

  • Testing - How many hours is the UV protection good for?
  • Planting Pattern - How do the panels connect at the seams?
  • Warranty - What is the warranty against defects? At least 5 Years?

If you love the idea of an artificial green wall but can't afford Vistafolia, the gold standard in artificial green walls then Amazon does offer a selection of less expensive DIY Green wall options. is another resource for inexpensive artificial green walls.


Lastly, has a selection of less realistic looking artificial green walls.