Balcony Divider with VistaFolia - Living Wall Art

Once a warehouse, bustling with activity. Now, the activity comes in the form of its many residences, following a multi-million-dollar renovation that converted the space into luxury penthouse suites and apartments. Though the top floor apartments give the homeowner a great view the grey air-conditioning unit at the end of each stretch leave only a little bit to be admired. Up high, a real wall would no doubt struggle to survive the wind and would certainly be too heavy to mount onto the existing wall. Vistafolia's Artificial Green Wall solution was the best answer for this client's request. With an artificial living green wall like VistaFolia, you have a maintenance-free way to upgrade your space.

One of the main requirements for anyone investing in artificial green walls is going to be quality. This relates to the aesthetics of the green wall but also how long the artificial plants are going to retain their vibrancy for. A high quality supplier, such as Vistafolia, will ensure that your artificial green walls are seamlessly designed to look like a planted living wall and will have high durability. The exceptional quality of the components that we use ensures that you’ll get the natural feel and the vibrancy that you would from real plants but without the need to water, feed, tend to and replace.

If you love the idea of an artificial green wall but can't afford Vistafolia, the gold standard in artificial green walls then Amazon does offer a selection of less expensive DIY Green wall options. is another resource for inexpensive artificial green walls.


Lastly, has a selection of less realistic looking artificial green walls.