Car Lot Upgraded with VistaFolia Living Wall Company

Vistafolia is the easiest, most practical and attractive solution to creating stunning environments with a natural looking green wall. Our seamless foliage panels create the look of a lush, vibrant and energizing green wall that instantly refreshes featureless spaces.

We provided the perfect cladding solution to dress up the length of this entry ramp, softening the brick pillars and concrete walls with elegant, welcoming greenery as the landscape designer specified for the privacy screening brief. The various textures and shadings of the foliage provide a pleasing visual experience and uplift, enhancing the customer journey through the space.

An artificial plant wall has a lot to offer any environment, not just when it comes to aesthetics but atmosphere too. Not only will a living wall garden look great and bring all the benefits of plant life into the space where you place it but it also requires minimal maintenance and has a shelf life that means it will often outlast a green wall made from live plants.

If you’re keen to improve spaces in your home or office then an artificial green wall could be a great choice. These are just some of the reasons why you might consider one.

Houzz offers a great place to get ideas on fake green walls. 

UpScapers has many living wall garden pins on Pinterest to help with inspiration.

This is a green wall guide from our friends at