Chicago, IL - Millenium on LaSalle Multifamily - Fake Plant Wall

A fake green wall can be a great way to make any space look more vibrant and inviting.
A faux green wall is like a real plant, but it doesn't require any watering or maintenance. It's also cheaper than buying plants for your home! 

One of the main requirements for anyone investing in artificial green walls is going to be quality. This relates to the aesthetics of the green wall but also how long the artificial plants are going to retain their vibrancy for. A high quality supplier, such as Vistafolia, will ensure that your artificial green walls are seamlessly designed to look like a planted living wall and will have high durability.

The exceptional quality of the components that we use ensures that you’ll get the natural feel and the vibrancy that you would from real plants but without the need to water, feed, tend to and replace.