Washington DC Multi-Family Housing - Green Wall in Pool Area


The dull gray exterior of this high-end multi-family housing development in Washington DC was transformed with biophilic design. The urban jungle of Washington DC can be a harsh place to attain such a green, year-round look without expensive lighting, plumbing and more. VistaFolia's durable, faux green wall panel solution is the perfect fit for the space without the ongoing cost of maintenance and plant replacement as well as keeping the space green and brilliant during the drab winter months.

Artificial walls are not only more sustainable but also offer a creative, functional solution that will work in any environment. Vistafolia's greenbacks have greater design freedoms because they can be designed for both indoor use as well outdoor living spaces so your workplace feels like it belongs to nature too!

With their realistic green leaves and stunning colors, these artificial indoor plants will make your office space come alive. With a panel solution that allows for seamless coverage of any size we are confident in our ability to provide you with an experience like no other! Green walls are the perfect addition to any business that wants something more. Vistafolia will transform your dull, boring building by adding life and color into a space you thought was dead-end!