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Artificial plants are perfect for those who want to avoid the maintenance that comes with real houseplants. Artificial plants keep up well in pretty much any conditions! It’s unusual to think that you would have more options if you opt for artificial plants, but this is actually the case.

It's not just that there are a wide range of choices available, it also doesn't matter as much where they're placed because unlike real plants which need to be in exactly the right position to thrive.

The downside with opting for natural planting material is their fragility and susceptibility against environmental changes like insects or temperature fluctuations during heating seasons - something your fake ones won't suffer from!

The living walls that are a part of modern construction have changed the way we think about adding green walls to buildings. Not only can they be effective in cutting down on air conditioning costs, but their minimal maintenance requirements make them an attractive option for commercial spaces as well! In more residential settings though you might want something with longer lasting effects. Living plants provide natural beauty while also improving indoor odor and bringing life back into your home or office space.