Washington, DC - Potomoc Multifamily - Beckert's Park

The dull gray exterior of this high-end multi-family housing development in Washington DC was transformed with biophilic design. The urban jungle of Washington DC can be a harsh place to attain such a green, year-round look without expensive lighting, plumbing and more.

VistaFolia's durable, faux green wall panel solution is the perfect fit for the space without the ongoing cost of maintenance and plant replacement as well as keeping the space green and brilliant during the drab winter months.

Multiple studies have found that humans respond positively to greenery indoors, feeling more relaxed and at home – this is something that artificial plants can help you to tap into.

Some real plants cost less up front because they are often much smaller, being purchased as plug plants, small trees or even seeds. Artificial plants come fully formed whenever they are delivered and so the initial cost can be slightly – but not much – higher. However, this is the only time that an artificial plant is likely to cost more. Over the lifetime of both there is no other cost to consider for artificial plants whereas with real plants you need to bear in mind the cost of maintenance, replacing plants that die, feeding and buying increasingly larger containers to accommodate a growing plant.