San Diego, CA - Hedges at Intercontinental Hotel

This rooftop, bayside speakeasy in downtown San Diego needed a windbreak to keep customers comfortable along with some greening to keep a pleasing aesthetic and greening which is known to create an environment that invites longer stays in restaurants and bars.

Vistafolia by Vistagreen with a custom build by UpScapers was the only solution that met the stringent beautification and practical needs of this project. The dense foliage of Vistafolia along with the stunning beauty and patent-pending design allowed for a seamless, ultra-realistic look to this project while providing the wind barrier necessary to keep the customers content.

Vistafolia is UV rated and backed by the industry's only five-year manufacturer warranty. The product can hold up to the high winds on San Diego rooftops and will look beautiful year-round without the need for water or any maintenance.