San Diego, Ca.  Downtown Brewery Greenwall Project with Artificial Living Wall Panels


JG Color, in San Diego, California incorporated a Visgtafolia wall into their breathtaking interior design of Hidden Craft restaurant in Downtown, San Diego. The use of color throughout the space brought life and freshness to the gray backdrop of the city and incorporated the flash of red seen from inside the restaurant throughout the day as the famous San Diego trolly zips by.

Vistafolia was the necessary greening element needed to round out the space to bring a touch of nature to this concrete jungle dining establishment. Water and light are a scarcity in this part of Southern California, so to preserve natural resources and provide for the most abundant color available, JG Color and Hidden Craft Restaurants looked to bring Vistafolia's impeccably designed and crafted artificial green wall panels into the fold.

Vistafolia, designed by an award-winning horticulturist in London, brings the sophistication and attention to detail that designers demand when incorporating faux into any project. Vistafolia is backed by rigorous testing, manufacturing standards, and an industry-leading five-year warranty.