West Hollywood, CA - Sumatra Active Retail - Commercial Living Wall

Branding your business has never made your location more fashionable. This upscapers wall was the perfect addition to this retail store in West Hollywood, CA. Our Faux Greenery instantly spruced up their store entrance.

There are plenty of studies that have found that plants can have a very positive influence when it comes to boosting our mood. One study found that the presence of plants indoors relaxes almost everyone and indoor plant life can also have a positive impact on energy levels and engagement.

So, for retailers looking to create a space in which customers can feel relaxed and ready to shop, the use of plants can be a great way to do this. Further studies have shown that if artificial plants are realistic in their aesthetic, it can have exactly the same effect on the mind as a living plant.

This retailer chose VistaFolia to upgrade their aesthetic as well as promote a positive business environment. An Artificial Green Wall was a great choice for this retailer. 

Etsy has some alternate faux greenery options if you decide you cannot invest into VistaFolia green walls.