Scottsdale, Az. Harkins Theater Outdoor Courtyard

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The hospitality industry is getting more and more comfortable with high-quality replica green wall panels. VistaFolia by VistaGreen is the gold standard in artificial living walls as the only company with a five year manufacturer's warranty, 15-20 year recommended lifespan as well as the highest results in both UV protection testing and fire retardant capabilities. Insist on the best with your faux green wall installation by asking for VistaFolia.

Vistafolia’s outdoor artificial green walls are a perfect solution to transform any space. These seamlessly integrated, low maintenance trees can be found in homes and commercial projects alike - transforming the character of your location from rooftops terraces airports hotel cruise liners even more!

Evergreen foliage is a perfect way to make your outdoor space more beautiful and relaxing. Whether you have an empty lot or want something for guests, artificial green wall panels from Vistafolia can transform any landscape into lush greenery with just one installation. Our walls also have a unique customization option.

These artificial green walls for outdoor spaces can not only reduce upkeep but also be adapted creatively to a range of settings. With year-round performance, our versatile product is designed to inspire gardens and commercial projects alike in your next endeavor!