Phoenix, AZ - Vertex Multifamily - Green Wall

What do you think of when someone says artificial green wall? A false perception of green. Well, this is not the case with the Artificial Green Wall in Phoenix! This sustainable project was a win-win situation. UpScapers created a beautifully realistic green wall to enhance the space.

When you invest in artificial plants the most maintenance that they need is to be dusted down occasionally when the need arises. It’s a very different story for real plants, which may require a professional to come in and look at after them if you want to make sure that you get the most from your investment.

You’ll need to ensure that real plants have enough space to grow and that they’re getting sufficient light. They are likely to require cutting back and may need special fertilizers or treatments depending on what happens to them over the course of their lives. If you’re not ready to commit to years of maintenance then artificial plants are the obvious choice.