Compact Faux Greenery Garden

Small Backyard Faux Greenery is Perfect Garden Fix 

This Installation took place in Japan with artificial plant wall decor.  UpScapers provides similar installations here in the United States, with many compact backyards in SoCal, Florida, San Francisco & Seattle as well as down south in Phoenix and many in Texas and the North East, including New York City which has become a hot bed for small faux plant wall covering installations. UpScapers has installed fake plant wall panesl in backyards throughout the country.

When working to design an outdoor garden artificial green wall, incorporating real garden plants into the artificial vertical garen design is seamless as the artificial plant wall, Vistafolia, looks so true to life. You can definitly achieve the look your going for with a faux plant wall. Start with the basic use of the garden, whether you want to relax overnight, have good flowers or entertain your friends at a hot dinner. Vistafolia fake green wall panelsare not affected by heat, sun, wind, freeze or thaw. VistaFolia artificial greenery can also be used in flower beds or make flawless flowerpots or even a fake grass wall with the addition of Vistafolia large grasses texture boxes..

In today's gardens, it's important to use space efficiently, so consider adding fake plant wall decor  to your design. Finally, choose a variety of faux greenery, artificial plant varieties that work well together and provide a beautiful backdrop with Vistafolia by VistaGreen. 


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