Creating a Place to Relax with Artificial Plant Wall

In a progressively busy world, studies show that many families get to spend as little as half an hour a day in each other’s company - which makes those all-important weekends even more vital for quality time with children and loved ones.

Unfortunately, when the weekend comes around, most of us inevitably spend quite a chunk of it on necessary chores in and around the home, including gardening. Although having a garden to relax in is great for those summer days and nights, lawns, hedges and other foliage take up precious time - particularly in hot climates such as those around the Mediterranean - that could be spent more wisely. Which is why VistaFolia is perfect for creating an green oasis without any of the upkeep of a traditional garden.

Artificial plants and greenery that look entirely natural and bring an ambiance of the outdoors in – that’s what Vistafolia panels bring to any interior. 100% pure colour pigments ensure that these panels make a real impact and look bright and natural in any light. While the standard for artificial foliage is often ‘as good as’ the real thing, Vistafolia panels are even better than the real thing, not just in terms of aesthetics but when it comes to costs and maintenance too. No matter what the space you’re looking to use the panels in there is a solution – large areas are covered by panels that are interlocked to fit seamlessly together and plants are tied together on preassembled panels so that they are ready to install.

Etsy is a great place to get faux greenery that people have worked with by hand. Check out their fake plant wall section.

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If you're on a budget, Ikea is always a great place to find deals on faux greenery, just keep in mind they are for indoor use only and would only work as little accents, not a whole wall.