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Fake Plant Wall
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Common Questions When Considering an Artificial Plant Wall

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  • How to Install Faux Greenery
  • Can You Move a Fake Plant Wall?
  • How to Maintain Fake Plant Wall Decor
  • Indoor Fake Grass Walls for Homes and Apartments
  • Outdoor Artificial Greenery for Homes and Apartments
  • Fake Green Walls for Offices, Shops and Reception Areas
  • What are the Health Benefits to Faux Plant Walls
  • Are Artificial Green Walls Part of Biophilic Design
  • What are the Most Common Placements of Artificial Green Walls?
  • What is an Artificial Vertical Garden?
  • What are Fake Fake Plant Walls Panels Made Of?
  • Fake Plant wall Covering or Living Plants?
  • Are There Different Types of Artificial Pant Wall Decor?
  • How Much Do Faux Greenery Walls Cost?

Why Fake Plant Walls

A perfect green wall with no maintenance or follow up costs.

Vistafolia artificial plant wall decor is a good solution for those in a space looking to include green walls without the hassle of maintenance or follow up costs. Upscapers installs Vistafolia exclusively, the highest quality, gold-standard in faux plant walls. The patent-pending three panel system uses a combination of 16 plant species and 72 plants per panel to create the ultimate in realism. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards in Vistafolia's own facility, you can rest assured you are getting the only 5 year warranty and true UV and Fire Rating Protection necessary for all-weather, indoor-outdoo fake plant wall panels.  


  • Ask to see testing reports before buying indoor/outdoor artificial greenery
  • Ask for a completed warranty before an artificial green wall installation
  • Ask to see a real-life project near you before choosing a faux plant wall covering company.

Vistafolia® is proud to work with a variety of different clients, from businesses to residential customers. We apply the same high standards to each project, whether it’s something small or an idea that’s complex and ambitious.

Using our products to transform an outdoor space, we worked directly with the client from the outset, finding out what they wanted to achieve from the project and how our panels could be used to fit in well with the surrounding natural greenery. We offered suggestions as to how they could be best used while working with the client every step of the way to find out exactly what they needed.

The spruce has a helpful blog for those seeking designer input on decorating with faux greenery wall decor.

Target has been adding faux greenery, artificial greening decor to their website and stores for the increased interest in this segment. 

Keep in mind, has a variety of faux greenery wall decor options.