Privacy Screen With Fake Green Wall

Fake Green Wall Provides Highest Form of Beauty & Privacy

Vistafolia, The Gold Standard in Faux Plant Walls, Makes Balconies Private Places of Respite.

Vistafolia's modern and flexible Artificial Greenery Wall design offers real customer value, providing excellent bespoke  fake grass wall and green wall solutions for any client requirement. This roof terrace had an exceptionally long, south-facing space with parapet walls clad in metal sheeting, creating an environment too hot and inhospitable for real planting. The limited area coverage was also a big issue, as putting in living plant systems would significantly reduce the floor space and hamper mobility. The Artificial Green Wall Panel system was a great solution!

Our Vistafolia Fake Plant Wall Decor Panels, which can be customized to fit any conceivable dimension, fulfilled the client’s desire to look out to beautiful Fake Plant Wall by creating a simple Faux Greenery solution to the problem with our versatile Faux Greenery Wall system and artificial plant wall decor design expertise.

Fake Plant Wall Panels in Office Building - Indoor Application
Faux Plant Wall Covering Projects
Artificial Plant Wall Projects are popping up around the country. See an Artificial green wall, vertical garden project near you.

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