Wonderful Greenery Wall Decor

Greenery Wall Decor Revitalizes Stark Entryway

Artificial plants were the perfect way to take a suspended wall and turn it into a lush green wall.

Fake plant wall panels are extremely versatile. There are many applications for faux plant wall coverings and one of the most striking examples is of this office space at Avenida 252. The Artificial plant wall decor was added to suspended wires to create a faux greenery wall.

Faux greenery in general is a great option for businesses and residential home owners. This setting here in the commercial office environment is an ideal indoor application as it offers a wide expanse to have a fake plant wall, the natural looking fake plant wall decor brings the elements of nature indoors and fake grasses are also included into the wall as one of the plant species. Guests, staff and customers come into this tapestry of artificial greenery everyday and are calmed by the fake green wall just as they would be a living wall. The Faux plant wall has the same biophilic benefits that living natural elements create and the result is maintenance-free artificial verital garden. This look and all of the benefits also transfer to artificial vertical garden's for the home. People who want an artificial green wall but don't want the price tag attached with installation or ongoing maintenance turn to Vistafolaia fake plant wall panels as their best solution for indoor/outdoor all-weather greening. 


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