Stunning Fake Plant Wall Panels Compliments any Area

Faux Plant Wall Covering Systems with a Personal Touch

Unique Three-Panel Artificial Vertical Garden

Creating a high-end  artificial plant wall decor design element for a tight space, Vistafolia® rose to the challenge of dressing up the imposing feature wall of this small, enclosed space.

Whether you’re looking for a decorative product for your apartment, an eye-catching artificial greenery display for your office reception, or a high-impact feature fake green wall for a commercial project, it’s important to do your research to find an attractive, low-maintenance and affordable product you’ll love for years to come

The client had been waiting for the right technology that would be the perfect fit for this difficult environment, which had extremely limited entertaining space and only enough room for a sofa and a few chairs. The client was delighted with Vistafolia® artificial vertical gardens, which he found to be the faux greenery wall system that successfully fulfills all the requirements of the space.

Artificial green walls come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and uses that it can be hard to find the right option for your space.

The key objective is to transform a plain, concrete wall into a tapestry of faux greenery and color, creating an engaging visual journey from within the property. The featured fake plant wall commanded a sweeping top-to-bottom view, seen from both levels of the house and from all three corners.

Moving real plants can be a delicate procedure. If you install a vertical garden made of living plants, you might find that it’s getting too much sun, not enough sun, or that its plants need to be repotted.  

Artificial plant walls obviously don’t run into these issues, and can be easily unscrewed and moved to a new location. It’s also straightforward to swap out panels to create a new look.


How It Works
See why this patent-pending system is so different.

There are cheaper fake plant wall decor options sold at popular chain stores like wayfair. com or HomeDepot, which can cost as low as $15. If you’re looking for a temporary feature, or don’t mind if your green wall looks noticeably like a fake grass wall, these can be the right choice for you.