Amazing Sculpture Gets Highlighted with Faux Foliage

Vistafolia®'s luxurious foliage panels provided the perfect decorative screening solution for this classic formal garden in Hampstead, London, harmonizing beautifully with the conventional elegance of the scheme.

Privacy screening with the customary trellis from the neighboring property posed a problem in the shady boundary space, as real planting would struggle without sufficient natural light. The client desired an attractive green backdrop to improve the visual appeal of the bust sculpture as well as the handsome formal trees lining the perimeter, and Vistafolia® was the prime choice.

Vistafolia artificial living wall privacy screening is the perfect product to act as an attractive, low-maintenance screening solution. These highly versatile panels can be mounted onto virtually any existing surface, or frame structure. The artificial nature of the foliage makes it ideal for any environment, be it one with low-sunlight, harsh temperatures or inaccessible areas that would make maintenance challenging.

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