Faux Green Walls

Create your own living green wall with fresh, green leaves that are very attractive and can turn even the dullest places into a luxurious oasis or backyard! The walls of the artificial plants are filled, packed and filled with tons of astonishing vegetation in an impressive array of ferns, ivy, herbs and lots of living vegetation.

The mixed textures and the height of the plants as well as the various shades of green make this jungle wall an asset to quickly cover large areas while enjoying privacy and lush greenery! Outside, green walls are an immediate solution to the problems in less comfortable areas. They are protected from UV rays for 5 years, which means they stay bright and colorful and are ideal for outdoor use. outside! Camouflage pumps, sheds, power boxes, air conditioners and even a tree house or tree house!

Upgrade a cabana, pavilion or pool house and exquisite and elegant decoration for weddings, events, garden parties and outdoor parties. Create a privacy screen or just change the background of the terraces, beer gardens, scenes, and it's spectacular as a vertical roof garden! Combine this with walls that have a different shade of green, or use colorful floral rugs for a stunning plastic mask frame. This also makes it easier to insert and add flower mixes, flower bouquets, individual roses or even wreaths!