Faux Greenery Wall in Art Museum

Faux Greenery, The Perfect Backdrop for Exhibitions & Events

Vistafolia creates interest and contrasts to enhance artwork & showcase products. 

Vistafolia’s instant artificial plant wall decor is the perfect backdrop for special events, exhibition spaces, and showrooms, creating interest and contrast to enhance artworks, showcased products, and displays. This museum known for its vast permanent collection and for unique temporary exhibitions and creative projects aimed at starting contemporary-art conversations is in the heart of California and is at the forefront of artistic and design innovation, the faux greenery wall adds a privacy screen enhanced the exhibition.

  • Dali Museum - Faux Greenery as Part of Art Exhibition
  • Fake Plant Wall Panels Create Privacy and Separation in the Art Gallery
  • Faux Plant Wall Coverings Bring Nature Indoors to Play off of Whimsy of Salvador Dali Artwork

The Best Faux Greenery for Artificial Plant Walls

A Design Trend worth Noticing: Fake Plant Wall Decor

One design trend that has been expanding is faux greenery walls. Many of UpScapers customers are not a huge fan of natural plants, mostly because they can’t keep them alive. So it looks like fake plant walls are the best solution for their not so green thumbs…

Many design teams are starting to use fake plant walls pretty much throughout every project.  Some of our customers had never previously thought about incorporating fake plant wall decor or fake grass walls because they heard someone say along the way that artificial greenery did not look real or would simply collect dust but this year they are ready to try a fake green wall or faux plant wall.

We've partnered with Vistafolia for simply the best faux plant wall option on the market but if you are not looking for an artificial vertical garden or an artificial green wall is just too large to have in your space then here are some of the best smaller pieces of faux greenery. Pottery Barn has some great options, specifically the Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Branch and the Faux Green Petal Leaf Branch. Studio McGee also sells their own faux greenery in sets of 3 – I want to pick up the Faux Eucalyptus Sweeping (Set of 3) . Michaels and JoAnn fabric have a few great options but I don’t love the colors. And last but not least, Wayfair! You can shop my favorite faux greenery below.

Vistafolia benefits:

  • Faux greenery wall for every budget - Starting with just one panel, a fake plant wall panel by Vistafolia can fit into any budget
  • Zero maintenance 
  • Customizable with Vistafolia color boxes
  • Zero fading
Faux Greenery Wall Projects
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