Instant Faux Plant Wall Garden

Zero Growtime Needed with Vistafolia's Instant Artificial Faux Plant Wall

A perfect-sized artificial plant wall covering for any space. 

Engineered for maximum flexibility, Vistafolia artificial plant wall decor provides the perfect design tool for creating faux greenery wall sanctuaries within the home, office, or anywhere faux greenery will help. For internal courtyards, which in this case, integrates nature and a fake plant wall and daylight into a home or office spaces, Vistafolia presents homeowners with multiple possibilities of how to design amazing fake plant wall decor interiors. Our ultra-realistic artificial plant wall provides lush, maintenance-free fake grass wall solutions to evoke abundant artificial greenery planting for traditional or naturalistic garden schemes.

A faux plant wall garden provides a stunning focal point and nature-inspired set piece to the contemporary, minimal design. However, a living wall requires an air gap and irrigation system that would eat into the limited space. Internal courtyards also need to consider planting factors such as natural-light levels, ventilation, and amount of shade, complicating the sustainability of a natural green wall.

Artificial Vertical Garden Quality Indicators:

  • Who designed the product? Make sure you are working with an actual artificial green wall design company, not a copycat manufacturer.
  • Fake plant wall panel warranty - Are you working with a green wall manufacturer who offers a 5-year warranty?
  • Artificial plant wall realism - Be sure to choose a patent-pending system with three separate, distinct panel plantings that work together to create one seamless faux green wall no matter what the size.
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