Instant Oasis with Living Wall Panel System 

Instant Luxury with Living Wall Panels

We heightened the elegant appeal of this exterior wall with a beautiful green wall that the owner can look out to while relaxing. This client wanted their boutique to be an oasis without the upkeep of a real living wall. Our Artificial Living Wall was the best solution for the upgrade to luxury.

The green wall created a lovely tapestry of greenery, featuring classic greens and delicate white flowers from our Color Box selections to give a living effect. The light well area had been a problematic space, as the wall had to be kept bare because of lighting considerations. The unappealing outside wall was in sharp contrast to the sophisticated outlook of the boutique and needed refurbishment and an equally attractive design element.

Our Living Wall Panel System was a simple way to turn a plain space into an eye-catching display.

Case studies
Call-to-action module with a suite of impactful hover and focus effects.

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