Outdoor Living Wall Creates Rooftop Oasis

Hedge Walls Transform This Rooftop

Lightweight and designed for maximum flexibility, Vistafolia’s Signature Panels are excellent for rooftop environments. 

Every Vistafolia artificial plant is hand-designed and perfected through a long prototyping process. Quite simply, "good" is not good enough. Our pursuit of perfection means that we constantly strive to improve our products every step of the way.

This means that the green wall you buy is as close to reality as possible and as close to perfection as possible. So, if you have a space that needs a certain color, or you just want to learn more, then contact us today to see how Vistafolia's beautiful artificial green wall solution can be the only greenery you need.

We created a beautiful green backdrop to the stunning skyline for our client’s terrace.Vistafolia dressed up the perimeter railing with our signature panels to surround the terrace area with vibrant greenery outdoors, in keeping with the roof garden’s planting scheme

If you love the idea of an artificial green wall but can't afford Vistafolia, the gold standard in artificial hedge walls then Amazon does offer a selection of less expensive DIY Green wall options.


Walmart.com is another resource for inexpensive artificial hedge walls.


Lastly, Wayfair.com has a selection of less realistic looking artificial hedge walls.

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