San Juan, Puerto Rico - Residential Staircase Greenwall

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The entryway of this stunning home in Puerto Rico didn't match the lush tropical atmosphere outside the home. The stairway presented an additional challenge to decorate. This homeowner chose the no-maintenance Vistafolia greenwall in order bring the outdoors in and provide a welcoming sense of wellbeing upon entry. The key component of Vistafolia's unique artificial wall solution is the Vistafolia Panel, which is used to create stunning vertical gardens. Our A, B & C panels form the unique three-panel system.

The foliage has been arranged differently for each individual panel so that they interlock with ease, ensuring there are no crossing lines or repeated patterns allowing a seamless and naturalistic plant coverage effect. QUALITY MATERIALS LOOK BETTER FOR LONGER Tested for all weathers, winter, spring, summer, and fall.