Customizable Artificial Vertical Garden 

Patent-Pending, Versatile Faux Plant Walls

Cut-to-Size, Ultra-Realism

Fake green wall plants are quirky and unique pieces of décor which breathe life into a vast array of spaces. Whether you’re looking for a stylish artificial greenery wall or a fake grass wall which requires no maintenance, Vistafolia artificial vertical garden walls are perfect for any size project.

Vistafolia is the gold-standard in manufacturing of fake plant wall decor all Vistafolia fake plant walls are manufactured to the highest international manufacturing standards, ISO 9001. Vistafolia panels are both UV (Ultraviolet rated) and FR (Fire retardent) making this faux greenery incredibly safe both indoors and outdoors. Our faux greenery walls are the most realistic-looking available. Designed stem to tip by award-winning horticulturist Paul Alder. These artificial vertical gardens are designed to mimic natural plant life that would be found in lush gardens of any climates.

Vistafolia artificial plant wall decor isideal for various settings, both indoor and outdoor. The Vistafolia fake plant wall panel system is patent-pending and is manufactured in our own facility specificially for faux plant wall coverings. All of our artificial plant wall coverings are manufactured in our own factory to our exacting standards, with various options available for finishing the fake plant wall panels with proprietary color boxes..


  • Zero-maintenance
  • Tested for all weathers, winter, spring, summer and autumn
  • UV+ IFR Technology

If you love the idea of an artificial green wall but can't afford Vistafolia, the gold standard in artificial green walls then Amazon does offer a selection of less expensive DIY Green wall options. is another resource for inexpensive artificial green walls.


Lastly, has a selection of less realistic looking artificial green walls.