Space Saving Solution with Vertical Artificial Foliage

Vistafolia® provided a striking, space-saving solution to creating beautiful greenery for this garden. A large rear wall that is around 100 years old distinguishes the very shady area of this garden and an artificial green wall was a welcome addition that made the wall stand out. Another home project that favored a vertical garden includes a window well entry way. We loved these projects!

Adding a vertical green wall would serve as the dominant feature of the small outdoors space, effectively guaranteeing beautiful green views from every floor of the four-story house. Creating a living green wall in this space would have been extremely challenging, however, Vistafolia® was able to provide a practical, maintenance-free solution.

You don’t need real plants to get the benefits of having more greenery around. Environments that have green features encourage relaxation and reduce stress with positive impacts on everything, from blood pressure to muscle tension. Artificial Plant Varieties are a space saving way to reap these same benefits. 

Etsy is a great place to get faux greenery that people have worked with by hand. Check out their fake plant wall section.

We have a page on Etsy too! Our artificial plant wall decor page on Etsy.

Pinterest is a great place to get faux plant wall design ideas. 

Check out our Pinterest Page Here for all of our artificial plant wall ideas. 

If you're on a budget, Ikea is always a great place to find deals on faux greenery, just keep in mind they are for indoor use only and would only work as little accents, not a whole wall.

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