Green Wall Panels Bring Walls to Life


High quality artificial green walls are becoming increasingly popular in commercial design from build out to renovation and restoration. 

A Green Wall For Your Home - Artificial Living Walls for Your Home

Homeowners are turning to artificial green walls indoors and outdoors for maintenance-free privacy screening & biophilic design.

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Partner with the Best

UpScapers vertical greening works exclusively with VistaFolia, London, to provide the highest quality artificial green walls to clients and resellers throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico. With more than 10 years of replica landscape experience, UpScapers provides hands-on certified installation training to VistaFolia Authorized Resellers in the U.S. for a quality installation you can trust. Rest assured when you're working with UpScapers you are directly connected to the creator and manufacturer of the world's most tested and trusted choice in artificial green walls.

Artificial Green Walls in Action

Calm, San Francisco Corporate Offices with Green Wall, Replica Living Wall
Calm, San francisco, ca

Indoor Artificial Green Wall Installation

Nova Place, Pittsburgh, PA, Green Wall, Artificial Living Wall with Logo
nova place, pittsburgh, pa

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall Logo Application

Infosys - World Trade Center New York City - Indoor Green Wall
Infosys, world trade center ny, ny

Indoor Artificial Green Wall for Biophilic Office Design

Patent-Pending Plant Logic Design

The only Patent-Pending, Maintenance-Free, Ultra-Realistic, No-Fade, and Fire-Rated artificial plant wall foliage built to withstand the most challenging climate and light conditions of artificial green walls for outdoors.

A Three-Part Artificial Green Wall System

Vistafolia Brochure_Page_09_Image_0003

3 Uniquely Planted Panels Per Box

16 plant varieties make up 72 plants per panel
Each box of VistaFolia by VistaGreen Artificial Living Wall Panels includes: Three Signature Panels Marked A, B, and C with a different foliage arrangement per green wall panel.
Vistafolia Brochure_Page_08_Image_0003

Artificial Green Wall Panel Hardware

easy drill and hang design
These green wall panel anchors are called  fixings and are typically needed per artificial plant wall panel. Depending on the size of your green  wall project, you can purchase by the fixing or box. 
Vistafolia Brochure_Page_12_Image_0004

Finishing Foliage

intricately designed from stem to tip
Finish and Blend with Color Boxes. The bouquet of individual plants inside of each color box are hand placed in your secured VistaFolia Panels to create a customized, seamless, garden wall enhanced by your personal style and design’s eye.

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Green Wall Construction Process

Check out the installation process and how to tackle a DIY green wall installation.

UV Protection & Fire Rating Testing

Review and share relevant testing data with stakeholders on your artificial green wall project.

Technical Drawings & Takeoff Tools

Check out the VistaFolia by VistaGreen's artificial green wall technical library on

Technical Guide

The  VistaFolia by VistaGreen artificial green wall technical guide covers all aspects of design, installation and maintenance.

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