VistaFolia Creates Huge Artificial Living Wall for Furniture Store

At Vistafolia® we love a challenge. Sometimes a project will present a variety of potential difficulties right from the design stage, but our technical team thrive when presented with an opportunity to show what they can really do. The height of this internal wall, combined with the possibility of having to work round a set of stairs, had all the makings of a problem, but not for our team. Our Artificial Living Wall was the best way to fulfill this client's request.

This furniture store wanted to bring the outdoors inside and give their furniture a spectacular backdrop that radiated class and sophistication, much nicer than the existing breezeblock wall. The idea of a real wall was dismissed early in the design process, as the maintenance required would be a logistical nightmare. Instead, Vistafolia’s artificial green walls solution was proposed, bringing ultra-realistic foliage to life through a combination of unique planting design and layout, and a clever three-panel system, built to eradicate join lines between panels and instead allow for a seamless transition from one section to another, masking the join-lines between panels that are often associated with substandard products. Commercial Living Walls are becoming quite popular partly due to their long-term sustainability. 

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