Wall Covering Plants for Window Wells

Artificial Foliage Makes the Perfect Window Well Wall Covering Plant - Entrance Green Wall

The majority of VistaFolia walls are simple rectangles because, let’s face it, most walls are rectangular. But some walls just provide themselves to something a bit different and present a fun design challenge. This homeowner wanted a truly unique way to add luxury and style to his particularly dark window wells. However, they would not settle for an off the shelf green wall and instead wanted a truly personalized design, custom fit wall covering plant to meet their vision. With little light and limited space, a living wall would have been completely unsuitable and thus an artificial solution was required.

Problem - Barren Entryway

The light coloring of the wall presented a blank canvas to work with and our in-house design team set about creating a wall covering plant concept that was eye-catching and extraordinary. By working with our custom fit panel size in mind, we were able to ensure the client got the most from their VistaFolia wall covering plant panels. VistaFolia by VistaGreen's design team love a challenge, and it is always rewarding to see your concept turned into a finished project. 

Solution - VistaFolia by VistaGreen Wall Covering Plants

By knowing the product inside and out and working closely with our wall plant covering  technical team, the finished design led to a straightforward installation for VistaFolia’s experienced team to complete, and left the client with an immediate, zero maintenance, luxury wall covering plant window well for them to enjoy all year round. The maintenance factor was huge on this project, as any care required for living plants would potentially cause structural water damage and not to mention there was little to no light for them to thrive. VistaFolia is a sensible solution that removes the need for any ongoing maintenance, giving all our client’s time to take care of the more important things in life.

The elegant spurts of lush green foliage create eye-catching swathes of color among the window wells offsetting the cream color of the entrance of the home. By adding in extra foliage from our color boxes we soften the bold green with hints of white and lavender, which in turn adds an element of randomness to the finish that one would associate with a real green wall.

It’s safe to say the home-owners’ expectations were met and then some, turning the entry to their home from colorless and plain to exciting a luxurious. VistaFolia truly enjoyed the challenge of adding our custom artificial green wall panels to this Sacramento home window well entry way.

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If you love the idea of an artificial green wall but can't afford Vistafolia, the gold standard in artificial green walls then Amazon does offer a selection of less expensive DIY Green wall options.


Walmart.com is another resource for inexpensive artificial green walls.


Lastly, Wayfair.com has a selection of less realistic looking artificial green walls.