Bold Fake Plant Wall

An artificial green wall will have an instant impact wherever you place it. There is no need to wait for the plants in the wall to develop or grow as they arrive fully formed and ready to be appreciated. Artificial plants last much longer to – you may find with a live wall that plants die or wilt depending on the conditions but an artificial green wall looks great 24/7 in both the short and long term.

This client was looking to transform their waiting area and chose a Fake Plant Wall to boost the aesthetics. With our long lasting, zero-maintenance walls the area instantly turned into a luxurious space.

Real plants can be beautiful but given the realistic nature of artificial plants today it’s very difficult to spot those that aren’t real. As there are so many benefits to opting for artificial plants it seems like an obvious move to choose them over the more organic alternatives.

This is a green wall guide from our friends at

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