Faux Greenery Wall Safe-Haven Privacy Fence

This client wanted a way to add some privacy to their home as well as a stunning wall feature. Our artificial greenery was the best option for their space.

For some clients, it’s not the people looking in from over the fence that is the issue, but rather the fence itself. As we know real plants can be costly and laborious to maintain and if they’re not on our priority list they can simply fall by the wayside. Simply removing dead plants will only display a plain fence or wall behind it.

By adding Vistafolia, your new screen is a maintenance-free burst of ultra-realistic foliage that you can enjoy every day for years to come.

One of the reasons we have become specialists in the world of artificial plants is that we understand the importance of quality when it comes to look and feel. Our plants look lifelike and are botanically accurate – in fact you may find that people start touching the panels once they are installed, as they won’t be able to tell whether or not the plants are real. At Vistafolia quality is important not just when it comes to aesthetics but also with respect to ensuring that you get a product that will last and that you will feel represents great value too. Artificial Greenery is one of the best options to upgrade your space!

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This is a green wall guide from our friends at evergreenwalls.com.au